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2 Day Abdominal Surgery Preparation

Two Day Bowel Preparation

It is very important that the colon and rectum be clean before surgery. Therefore, you must carefully read and perform the bowel preparation as outlined below. If you have any questions after reading the following materials please call (212)523-8172.


Stop eating all solid foods. Clear liquids include fluids that you can see through: fruit juices, tea, coffee (without milk), water, all types of sodas, all jello except (RED) broth and popsicles… No Milk or Milk products like ice cream or cheese, no orange juice.

It is important that you continue taking your prescription medicines during this time. If You take insulin on a daily basis please check with your regular practitioner about how to manage your diabetes while the bowel preparation is in progress.

At 4pm you should drink a bottle of Magnesium citrate. This is an over the counter laxative which is the first part of your bowel preparation.


Continue with only a clear liquid diet. No solid foods, no milk or milk product.

You have been given a prescription for commercial bowel Preparation. It should include a container with powder in it that has to be mixed with water. Follow the directions on the package for mixing the preparation only.

At Noon you can start to begin drinking the preparation. You will need to finish the ENTIRE preparation within 4 to 6 hours. This will result in multiple bowel movements. Drink it slowly; if you become nauseous, give yourself a break and then resume it. If you vomit, do not panic, this is why we give you two day Preparation.

Some hints to help you get through:

  • Do not refrigerate the medication to suit your tastes.
  • Drink one cup of fluid every fifteen minutes.
  • You can suck on a lemon or lime before and after each drink to cute the taste.
  • If you get bloated during the process, stop for some time, and then resume.

You should also have two prescriptions for neomycin and erythromycin. You will need to take 2 pills at 2pm, 3pm and 10pm. Check to be sure that each pill is 500mg. Nausea is a normal reaction to this medication. If you cannot tolerate them and vomit, then do not take the rest of the pills; it is more important to be able to drink the Preparation as above.

Do not have anything to eat or drink after midnight.


  • You should have nothing by mouth except for your regularly scheduled medications, which you should take in the morning with a small sip of water.
  • Relax. You have done your part of the preparation. Great job, we know it was not easy. Following theses instructions will ensure the best chance for an uncomplicated operation.