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Anorectal Preparation

Anorectal Surgery


It is very important that the bottom part of the rectum be clean before surgery. The Rectum is normally filled with stool, which bacteria in it. This stool must be cleaned out so that the surgeon can visualize the lining of the rectum. Therefore, you must carefully read and perform the bowel preparation as outlined below. If you have any questions after reading the following materials please call (212) 523-8172.


You should stop eating all solid foods. You can drink clear liquids up until midnight the night before the operation. Clear liquids include fruit juices (no pulp), tea, coffee (without milk), water, soda, jello, broth and popsicles. No milk or milk products like ice cream.

It is important that you continue taking your prescription medicines during this time.

However, Aspirin coumadin, plavix, lovenox, pradaxa, or any other blood thinning products should be stopped 5 days before surgery. (Consult with your doctor regarding this). If you take Insulin on a daily basis, then check with your regular family practitioner about how to manage your diabetes while the bowel preparation is in progress. You must let the prescribing doctor of these medicines know that you have to stop them.

At about 4p-6pm you should drink a full 8 oz. to 10 oz. bottle of magnesium citrate. This can be purchased in any pharmacy without a prescription. This should result in multiple bowel movements later that evening.

The hospital will call you the day before surgery to confirm time and location. If you are having surgery on a Monday the hospital will call you on Friday to confirm.


You should have nothing by mouth except for your prescription medications, which you should take at your regularly scheduled time with a small sip of water.