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The great majority of benign colon and rectal polyps are small or moderate sized and can be removed through the colonoscope in the outpatient setting using a variety of instruments that are passed through a narrow channel in the colonoscope. Very small polyps are destroyed with a forceps that grasps and removes small pieces of the rectal lining. Larger polyps are removed most often with a metal snare (like a noose) that is passed through a thin insulated hollow plastic tube. The snare and plastic sheath are passed through a channel in the colonoscope to the scopes tip and beyond. The snare is placed around the polyp (often shaped like a mushroom) and tightened while electric current is passed through the wire. This cauterizes the stalk of the polyp while it is being cut. If possible, the polyp is recovered and sent for pathological analysis. Polyps can also be directly burned or cauterized with heat or electric current, usually after one or several biopsies have been obtained. Larger polyps, especially the flat ones, are more difficult to treat colonoscopically (See benign polyp section).

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