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Open Surgical Methods

Up until the 1990’s the only way to carry out a colon or rectal resection was through a 5 to 9 inch long single incision in the abdominal wall that exposed the intestine. This is called the “open” approach. The most common incisions are vertical midline (up and down) and transverse (side to side). The ultimate size of the incision depends on how much colon is being resected and also on which part is being removed. Parts of the colon are mobile or “free floating” whereas others are fixed in their position. The first task for the surgeon is to mobilize the attached portions of the colon by carefully cutting the thin fibrous attachments that hold it in place. The second task is to divide and detach the blood vessels and mesentery that supply the colon segment being removed. Next, the bowel itself is divided and the specimen removed. Finally, the remaining 2 ends of the intestine are either sewn or stapled together to re-establish the continuity of the bowel. The final step is to irrigate and then close the abdominal wall incision.

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