Practice Overview

Team Approach to Colon and Rectal Surgical Practice

The colon and rectal surgery practice of Dr. Richard Whelan

provides a unique team approach to the care of patients choosing to utilize our services. Our patients not only have the benefit of a renowned surgeon, they also benefit from the expertise of team of professionals who have worked with him and cared for his patients for several years.

This team, based out of Lenox Hill Hospital, includes a Nurse Practitioner, Kathryn Baxter, who is certified as Family Nurse Practitioner as well as a Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurse. The Nurse Practitioner partners with Dr. Whelan in providing clinical care. She serves a resource to our patients for questions regarding surgery and is available to evaluate patients with urgent problems when Dr. Whelan is occupied in the hospital. Kathy coordinates with hospital, homecare other providers to ensure that the patients receive a continuity of care before, during and after surgery.

Our team also includes an RN, Vesna Cekic, who has been facilitating Dr. Whelan’s research projects for the past eleven years and actively participates in the care of our hospitalized patients. Vesna presents a consistent presence pre and post operatively in the hospital for our surgical patients.  She actively coordinates with the medical and nursing staff of Lenox Hill Hospital who care for our hospitalized patients.

Additionally, we are fortunate to have a Medical Assistant who works exclusively with our patients in the office.  She meets our patients during their first office visit and participates in their care with the physician and the nurse practitioner.

Dr. Whelan sets the expectations of the team by making twice daily rounds on our hospitalized patients. Postoperative office visits are done with the Nurse Practitioner the week after discharge. This allows for us to keep close tabs on our surgical patients and identify issues before they become problems.